St Bede C of E Primary Multi Academy Trust

Our Networks

 Attendance Networks

'Attendance Networks' are a chance for attendance leaders to collaborate, network and share the workload.  Meetings are free of charge and focus on barriers and solutions to pupil attendance in schools. School staff with responsibility for attendance discuss common trends in attendance and share strategies that have had success in their own settings. Key speakers are invited to share initiatives. We work closely with Bolton Early Intervention Team (a Local Authority Service) who often attend networks and discuss the LA approach to attendance. The network meetings are a great way to find out about positive initiatives and the systems and processes that need to be followed at a local level to raise pupil attendance.

Meetings this year are as follows:

13.10.23: 2-3pm at Washacre Primary Academy

01.12.23: 2-3pm at St Bede C of E Primary Academy

16.02.24: 2-3pm at Harwood Meadows Primary Academy

22.03.24: 2-3pm at St Bartholomew’s C of E Primary 

24.05.24: 2-3pm at St Matthews C of E Primary 

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Behaviour Networks

 Our Behaviour Networks have only launched this year with the first meeting taking place in November. The purpose of the network is to bring Behaviour Leads together to discuss common trends in behaviour, possible solutions and how research can support an informed approach. Key speakers from different agencies within the Authority and independent agencies are invited to share tips in approaches to better support pupils and their families. Network meetings come at no charge. 

 Meetings this year are as follows:

10.11.23: 2-3pm at Tonge Moor Primary Academy

02.02.24: 2-3pm at Washacre Primary

08.03.24: 2-3pm at St Bede C of E Primary Academy

17.05.24: 2-3pm at St Thomas of Canterbury 

28.06.24: 2-3pm at Clarendon Primary

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Curriculum Networks

Curriculum networks are completely free of charge and enable middle and senior leaders to discuss how they manage each subject area in their school. Both primary and secondary leaders regularly attend meetings and will often discuss possible agenda items for subsequent meeting. Agendas in meetings tend to cover: 


  • How do schools set out their intent for each subject? 
  • What does this look like? 
  • How is it communicated?  
  • How is the curriculum progressive in terms of knowledge, skills & vocabulary? 
  • How does the curriculum best prepare pupils for the next stage? 
  • What do end points look like? 


  • What does the subject look like in the classroom? 
  • How do displays reflect the teaching sequence? 
  • Are there non-negotiables for teaching and learning methods and techniques? 


  • Book looks 
  • Assessment discussions 
  • Pupil voice 
  • Monitoring 

Meetings this year are as follows:

01.02.23: RE - 2pm-3pm at Tonge Moor Primary Academy

05.03.24: History - 2pm-3pm at Ladybridge High School 

25.04.24: PE -  2pm-3pm at St Bede CofE Primary Academy

27.06.24: Art & Design - 2pm-3pm at Tonge Moor Primary Academy

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